Protect Your Investment: A Comprehensive Guest Agreement Template for Airbnb Hosts

Protect Your Investment: A Comprehensive Guest Agreement Template for Airbnb Hosts

As an Airbnb host, safeguarding your investment and ensuring a positive experience for both you and your guests is of paramount importance. One effective way to achieve this is by having a well-structured and comprehensive guest agreement in place. A guest agreement serves as a legally binding contract that outlines the rights and responsibilities of both the host and the guest during their stay. It helps establish clear expectations, prevent misunderstandings, and protect your property from potential damages or liabilities.

The Purpose and Importance of a Guest Agreement

A guest agreement is a critical document that lays the foundation for a smooth and harmonious relationship between you and your guests. It not only establishes the terms and conditions of the stay but also sets the guidelines for conduct, property usage, and liability. By having a clear and detailed agreement in place, you can protect your investment, maintain the integrity of your property, and ensure a positive experience for all parties involved.

Key Components of a Comprehensive Guest Agreement

1. Introduction and Guest Information:

Start the agreement with an introduction, including the names of both the host and the guest, the property address, and the dates of the stay.

2. Rental Terms and Payment:

Clearly outline the rental terms, including the total cost of the stay, payment schedule, and any additional fees or security deposits required.

3. House Rules and Property Usage:

Detail the specific rules and guidelines for using the property. This may include rules on smoking, pets, noise levels, and any restrictions on the use of certain areas or amenities.

4. Check-in and Check-out Procedures:

Clearly state the check-in and check-out times and provide instructions for accessing the property. Include any special check-in instructions or key exchange procedures.

5. Security and Safety Measures:

Specify any security measures in place, such as alarm systems or surveillance cameras. Also, provide safety guidelines and emergency procedures for the guest’s reference.

6. Liability and Damages:

Clearly define the responsibilities of both the host and the guest for damages to the property or its contents. Include procedures for reporting damages and potential penalties for violations.

7. Insurance and Waivers:

Inform the guest of any insurance coverage on the property and specify any liability waivers they may be required to sign.

8. Cancellation Policy:

Outline the cancellation policy, including any refunds or penalties based on the timing of the cancellation.

9. Guest Verification and Identification:

Request the guest’s identification details and include a statement about complying with local laws and regulations related to guest registration.

10. Dispute Resolution:

Include a section outlining the process for dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration, in case of any disagreements between the host and the guest.

Crafting the Guest Agreement Template

Now that we have covered the essential components, let’s proceed to the template for your guest agreement. Remember that this template should serve as a starting point, and you may need to customise it to suit the specific regulations and requirements of your local area.

[Your Property Name or Host Name] Guest Agreement

This Guest Agreement (“Agreement”) is made and entered into by and between [Your Name or Host Name] (“Host”) and [Guest’s Full Name] (“Guest”) for the purpose of outlining the terms and conditions of the stay at [Your Property Address] (“Property”).

1. Rental Terms and Payment

   a. The total cost of the stay is [Total Amount]. The payment schedule is as follows:

      – [Percentage]% of the total amount is due upon booking confirmation.

      – The remaining [Percentage]% is due [Number] days prior to the check-in date.

   b. Additional fees:

      – [List any additional fees, such as cleaning fees or security deposits]

2. House Rules and Property Usage

   a. No smoking is allowed inside the Property.

   b. Pets are not permitted unless explicitly approved by the Host.

   c. Quiet hours are from [Start Time] to [End Time].

   d. [Include any other specific house rules relevant to your property]

3. Check-in and Check-out Procedures

   a. Check-in time: [Check-in Time]

   b. Check-out time: [Check-out Time]

   c. [Include any special check-in or key exchange instructions]

4. Security and Safety Measures

   a. The Property is equipped with [Security Measures, e.g., alarm system, surveillance cameras]

   b. In case of any emergency, contact [Emergency Contact Number] immediately.

5. Liability and Damages

   a. The Guest is responsible for any damages to the Property or its contents caused during their stay.

   b. Damages should be reported to the Host immediately.

6. Insurance and Waivers

   a. The Property is covered by [Insurance Details, if applicable].

   b. The Guest may be required to sign a liability waiver upon check-in.

7. Cancellation Policy

   a. [Include your specific cancellation policy, including any refund or penalty details]

8. Guest Verification and Identification

   a. The Guest is required to provide a valid government-issued identification upon booking confirmation.

   b. The Guest agrees to comply with all local laws and regulations related to guest registration.

9. Dispute Resolution

   a. In case of any disputes arising from this Agreement, the parties agree to attempt mediation or arbitration.

By signing below, the Guest acknowledges and agrees to the terms and conditions outlined in this Guest Agreement.

Signature: ___________________________ [Host’s Signature]

Signature: ___________________________ [Guest’s Signature]

Date: ________________________________ [Date of Signing]


A comprehensive guest agreement is a powerful tool that helps protect your investment, minimize risks, and create a positive experience for both you and your guests. By outlining clear terms and expectations, you can maintain a harmonious relationship and ensure that your rental property is well-cared for throughout each stay. Remember that this template is a starting point and can be customized to suit the unique aspects of your property and local regulations. Implementing a guest agreement sets the foundation for a successful and rewarding hosting experience on Airbnb.

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