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Who are Shaun Ghavami & Ari?

From a tiny $65/night spare apartment bedroom to Airbnbing over $100+ million of premium real estate...

The 10xbnb founders and Airbnb coaches, Shaun Ghavami and Ari Rahmanian became friends in college. 
They ventured into successful 9-to-5 careers in banking and health care respectively, but when Shaun listed the spare bedroom in his rented apartment on Airbnb for $65/night, and he started making money while he slept for the first time in his life, he and Ari saw the potential to go “all in” and grow an Airbnb business that could help them escape the chains of the 40-year corporate retirement plan.
Shaun Ghavami - 10xbnb president
Shaun and Ari Parents
Starting off with little to no savings, Shaun and Ari were forced to innovate their unique “co-listing” income generation system that allowed them to break into Airbnb with no money and no risk. 
Ultimately, they launched their own company, Iconic Retreats, in Vancouver, Canada, (known as the “Hollywood of the North” because so many big movies are shot there) where they now oversee the short-term rental of a portfolio of $100 million+ of premium “A-list” real estate. 
Since 2018, they’ve generated over $5 million in documented booking fees and served over 3,000 guests. Earning themselves coveted Superhost® status and 1,000+ 5-star reviews.  
Using their own proprietary pricing formulas, and a plethora of unconventional marketing methods, Shaun & Ari specialize in turning even the most average Airbnb rental into a major cash flow stream.
Staying true to their hard-working immigrant roots, today, Shaun & Ari share their unique income-generation strategies with committed go-getters inside their private 10XBNB mastermind. 
Proof of Earnings

10xBNB: 3 simple steps to breaking into Airbnb

Inside 10XBNB, we support you through each step because we’ve taken these exact same 3 steps ourselves. 

#1 Co-Listing

This is the technique we used to break into Airbnb and build our company, Hosticonic.com, starting with very little money and zero real estate experience. We host other people’s properties on Airbnb for a generous 20-30% cut of the booking fee. To date, we’ve now generated $5 million+ in booking fees and hosted 3,000+ guests. The unique co-listing system we teach you inside the 10XBNB private mastermind attracts landlords to you, almost begging you to host their properties for them, regardless of your experience.

# Rental Arbitrage

This is where you rent out a property and Airbnb it with a landlord’s permission. You’re taking on the risk of an extra rent payment but when you know the proprietary pricing and listing formulas we hand you in 10XBNB, it’s possible to cover your rent amount and pocket the rest

# Property Acquisition
This has the biggest potential ROI of any Airbnb strategy, paired with real risks: for example, if you want to purchase a property with the intent of Airbnbing it, yet you don’t know how to rank your property on the 1st page of Airbnb, you don’t know any Superhost® secrets, and you don’t know our hard-earned pricing formulas, then taking the plunge and buying a property can feel intimidating.
Shaun’s extensive Wall Street banking experience lets us peel back the curtain and give you proprietary, professional-grade financial models that can illuminate what a specific property can potentially generate you. 
Critically, we also teach you what banks really want to see on a loan application, and it’s not what you might think. We’ve used these banking secrets ourselves to acquire new properties with 100% financing.  
10X Reasons

why 10xBNB is one of a kind


We’re Airbnb Superhosts who’ve generated over $5 million+ in booking fees - so we walk the walk.


Our company Hosticonic.com has over 1,000 5-star guest reviews - so we know how to treat people right.


We’re the innovators of the co-listing income generation system - a method we mastered out of necessity to break into Airbnb with no savings and no property.


We’re real guys with their boots on the ground, running an ultra-successful Airbnb business.


Shaun’s Wall Street banking background allows us to analyze and assess the income potential of a specific property.


We’ll show you how to use software to run some of your Airbnb business to simplify everyday tasks and streamline your business's efficiency.


We don’t let you “guess” about how to price a property. We show you how to pin-point “sweet spot” pricing that can potentially maximize your listing revenue.


If you qualify we’ll even build and price your unit listings for you using our proprietary formulas.


We’ll help you validate your own “niche” within Airbnb before you get started, so you stand out from the crowd, and save a ton of wasted time and money.


We show you how to create a mostly systemized, and automated Airbnb business.

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