What's Covered in the 10XBNB Program 

This all-inclusive program guides you step-by-step to develop streams of passive income via Airbnb. With self-paced modules, and active Facebook group and in-depth live coaching calls.

Introduction10XBNB Introduction
Course Overview
About Us
How This Business Works
Industry Overview
The Path To Six Figures

The FundamentalsIntroduction
The Airbnb Scaling Framework
Companies That Successfully Scaled - Sonder
Update: Companies That Successfully Scaled - Sonder
Incorporating Your Business
Legal Zoom
Business Insurance Options
Business Bank Accounts and Credit Cards
Buying a Domain and Making a Professional Website
Setting Up a Professional Email
Creating a Google Review Page
Making a Logo and Business Cards
Local Laws and Regulations
Airbnb Company Name Ideas List
10XBNB Daily Planner

Sourcing Airbnb GoldHow To Pick A Winning Market
Framework #1: Distance
Framework #2: Regulations
Framework #3: Popularity
Framework #3: Popularity Pt 2
Framework #4: Competition
Framework #4: Competition Pt 2
Framework #5: Seasonality
Framework #5: Seasonality Pt 2
Framework #6: Target Market
Framework #7: Carving Out A Niche
Framework #8: Scalability
Framework #9: ROI
Framework #9: ROI Pt 2
Market Grading Tool

Bed FlippingIntroduction
Mindset & Goal Setting
The 5 Phases To Landing A Bed Flipping Deal
Phase 1: Sourcing & Prospecting
The Easy Wins
Phase 1: Sourcing & Prospecting - Part 2
Bed Flipping Email Script
Phone Reach-Out Script
10XBNB - Rental Websites to Prospect Leads
Corporate Housing Brochure - For Prospecting Long Term Rentals (i.e. non-Airbnb operators)
Airbnb Management Brochure - For Prospecting Existing Airbnb Operators
Phase 1: Sourcing & Prospecting - Part 3
Phase 2: Due Diligence
Bed Flipping Income Calculator Tutorial
Bed Flipping - Prospect Income Calculator
Phase 3: The Negotiation
10XBNB - Presentation Deck Training
Bed Flipping - Presentation Deck
Bed Flipping Management Contract
Earnings Statement Template
5 Steps To Landing A Bed Flipping Deal

Rental ArbitrageRental Arbitrage - Email Script
Rental Arbitrage - Brochure
Rental Arbitrage - Phone Reach-Out Script
Rental Arbitrage Contract
Rental Arbitrage Income Calculator

Design SecretsDesign Secrets Introduction
Competition Research
Theme Selection
Memorability Test
Setting Up Your Unit
The Yellow Block BNB
Hiring a Photographer
10XBNB Host Shopping Checklist

Creating a Winning ListingIntroduction
Creating Your Account
Setting Up Your Listing
Setting Up Your Listing Pt 2
Pricing Settings
Booking Settings
Info For Guests + Co-Hosting
Listing Details
Listing Availability
Additional Host Settings
Payments and Payouts

PricingRevenue Management 101
Introduction and Background
What Is Revenue Management and Why Is It Important
Revenue Management Terminology
Pricing Case Study
Building Your Revenue Strategy
Market Analysis
Building a Comp Set
Using Pricing Software
Setting up Base Rates and Customizations - Part 1
Setting up Base Rates and Customizations - Part 2
Minimum Stay Strategies
Ongoing Adjustments
What's Next?

SEO OptimizationsSEO Mastery Blueprint Introduction
Phase 1 - Market Research
Phase 2 - Analyzing Your Competitors
KEY SEO Tools, Terminology, and Metrics
Instant Book vs Request to Book
Optimizing Your Listing Photos Introduction and Main Shot
Banner Head Photo Collage
Additional Listing Photos
Surrounding Attractions and Landmarks Photos
Key Listing Photos
Bonus Photo Tips and Strategies
Listing Title Creation Part 1
Listing Title Creation Part 2
Listing Descriptions
Listing Photo Captions
Inquiry Rate
Host Accounts
Leveraging Your Social Media
Airbnb Plus
Airbnb Luxe

Risk MitigationHouse Rules
Security Deposits
ID Collection
Screening Guests on the Phone

AutomationsWhite Glove Communication System Introduction
Request to Book and Instant Book Messaging
Payment Issue
Check In and Check Out
Check In Follow Up
The Next Morning
Check Out
Single Night and Last Minute Bookings
5 Star Review Strategy
5 Star Review Strategy Case Studies
Guest Experience Tips
Automations For Your Operations Staff
Bonus Tips
Simple and Seamless Check In Experience

OperationsCleaning and COVID-19
Cleaning Options For Your Unit
Our Cleaning Story
Sourcing Your Cleaning Team
Training Your Cleaners
Sourcing Your Maintenance Team
Cleaning Contract

7 Star Experience7 Star Experience
Brand Loyalty
Hosting Standards